McRooney Entertainment Community Engagement

For 25 years Dan Rooney and McRooney Entertainment LLC created engaging ethical educational experiences for students throughout Minnesota and Western Wisconsin. Our mission statement was to change student behavior by performing the highest quality shows on the most important social topics; making a lasting impression using laughter, music, magic, and student participation. We wrote our shows in Minnesota for Minnesotans and utilized the best and most experienced acting talent in the Twin Cities in order to achieve the highest level of professionalism. We are proud that there was never a fee – or any commercial content – in a McRooney Entertainment show.

McRooney Entertainment provided memorable educational experiences with topics such as:

Over those 25 years McRooney Entertainment performed over 5000 shows in approximately 500 elementary schools for 1.75 million students.

Two of our shows, “Bully Buster” and “Everyday Leader,” were performed throughout the US, Canada, and Europe.

While we loved all our productions we’re most proud of our anti-bullying show. “Bully Buster” was inspired by the untimely death of Tom Trosvik of Ham Lake, MN. Tom was a compassionate and talented 12 year old boy that was being bullied both at school and on the bus. On February 8, 2006 Tom hung himself in the family barn. From October 2006 to December 2017 McRooney Entertainment has performed “Bully Buster” over 1000 times throughout the state of Minnesota to over 350,000 students, all in Tom’s honor. Thank you to Fred and Kathy Trosvik, Tom’s parents, for their support of “Bully Buster.” WCCO TV did a segment on Tom Trosvik and McRooney’s “Bully Buster” show in 2009. Please check out the Trosvik’s B.U.L.L.Y. Facebook page:

McRooney Entertainment Community Engagement Evaluations

"The Best In The Business"

Lakeside Elementary (Chisago City): “I have been in education for approximately 29 years. Today’s show was as good if not the best show I have seen. It provided a wonderful message while engaging and entertaining 500 plus students. Thanks for sharing your talents and time with us at Lakeside. Our students will remember this afternoon for a long time. Maybe forever.”

Raven Stream Elementary (New Prague): “McRooney Entertainment was one of the BEST things I’ve seen in our schools over my 24 years as an elementary principal. The message, the actors, the overall relationship was outstanding.”

Valley View Elementary (Bloomington): “This performance was the most exciting, educationally worthy and appropriate show I’ve seen in 9 years. Thank you!”

Weaver Elementary (Maplewood): “I cannot tell you how very valuable this program was – and is. It was without hesitation the best program with a positive message – concrete and insightful – I have ever had the pleasure of hosting. Your representatives were skilled, talented and child centered. The message hit home sugar coated! Very well done!”

Akin Road Elementary (Farmington): “You are the best in the business – and let me tell you – I’ve seen a lot of shows for kids. Yours is the only one I want to come back.”

McRooney "Changing Lives"

Nisswa Elementary (Nisswa): “There were several skeptics on staff. I heard comments like, ‘another disruption with the academic time crunch’ and ‘is this another marketing ploy for a fast food company?’ The program was anything but a disruption and marketing ploy. The message was meaningful and significant, and presented in a truly enjoyable and lively fashion. Teachers reported this as one of the best assemblies in years.”

Global Academy (Columbia Heights): “We LOVE having McRooney Entertainment come to our school! Years later we still hear our students using the language and vocabulary that they learned!”

Johnsville Elementary (Blaine): “Thank you so much for the wonderful show! One parent called to say that his daughter spent an hour last night describing the program in detail, complete with demonstrations of the four things to remember about how to handle bullying. THANK YOU!”

Moreland Arts and Health Sciences Magnet (West St. Paul): “Both the Bullying and Respect shows have been funny (for both students and adults) and have a message that our students walk away with and remember (even a month later!) which tells me that the message has impacted them greatly.”

Morris Elementary (Morris): "You change lives every show."

"Incredible" Impacts in Metro Twin Cities

Middleton Elementary (Woodbury): “McRooney Entertainment & cast members are sensational. Quite honestly… these are the best assemblies each year!”

St. Francis Elementary (St. Francis): “Hands down this was the best assembly we have had at ourschool… ever!! Any goal for having an assembly is the message received. My students know and have been using your anti-bullying CALM message.”

Early Childhood Center (Chaska): “Tremendous…the best program we’ve ever had. We all LOVE this show! It is one of our favorite days of the year!”

Cedar Ridge Elementary (Eden Prairie): “Wow, that was incredible. This was the best program. It teaches life skills that can continue to be used as students grow up. Dan and his crew are wonderful.”

Shirley Hills Elementary (Mound): “We LOVE your positive proactive messages that are repeated often throughout the show and your professional theatrical presentation. That is why we love having you back again and again! Thank you for all you do!”

Connections With Minneapolis and St. Paul Audiences

Lyndale School (Minneapolis): “This presentation was by far the best we have ever had at Lyndale School. This presentation was timely and appropriate for K-5. The show was well written and well delivered.”

Phalen Lake Elementary (St. Paul): “Once again our school was blown away by your show. The message was clear. The strategy is simple to remember. We will post your strategy on our school bulletin board along with photos from your show. Very memorable!”

Bethune Elementary (Minneapolis): “You were as we say ‘The Bomb.’ Kids were mesmerized! I was in awe! I can’t think of anything to improve your presentation.”

Bridge View Elementary (St. Paul): “This presentation was excellent, engaging, and informative. This program exceeded expectations. Very professional.”

Cityview Elementary (Minneapolis): “Great program, excellent actors, students were engaged.  Highly recommended to colleagues and other schools!”

"Exceptional" Outstate Community Engagements

Butterfield-Odin Public School (Butterfield): “McRooney’s shows are the highest quality and entertaining programs we have experienced. You are such a top notch group!!! By far our favorite! The topics are clear, timely, relevant, and helpful! Our teachers and students always ask for a booking with McRooney each year. The topics support my counseling curriculum and we love it!”

Comfrey Public School (Comfrey): “WOW – once again you have amazed all of us in Comfrey!!! Your presentations are TOP NOTCH. We just love having you come and present to our staff and students. Your programming is so well done – clear, concise, super learning concepts, and tons of FUN!”

Zimmerman Elementary (Zimmerman): “The program is always exceptional. True passion and love for what they do and the message being sent! You do a wonderful job of repeating the concepts being presented so that kids can remember and use them. Thank you, thank you for sharing your gifts of education, acting, and of course humor!”

Eden Valley Watkins Elementary (Eden Valley): “I was a little skeptical for the first show that there would be more marketing for McDonald’s rather than an educational show. I was absolutely wrong. It is one of the best educational programs available.”

Royalton Elementary (Royalton): “You are a first class act – you communicate wonderful values in a creative way. I have continued to book your shows because they are done so professionally. They are entertaining and educational. The comments from the staff have all been positive – they look forward to having you at our school. Keep up the great work!”

"Making a Difference" at Faith Based Schools

St. Peter, Paul, and Michael (St. Cloud): “This was one of the BEST assemblies I have seen in many years. The actors were outstanding and very easy to work with. Thank you for providing our school community this wonderful opportunity.”

St. Philip’s School (Bemidji): “Students and faculty thoroughly enjoyed the program and felt this was the best program we’ve ever had.”

St. Helena Catholic School (Minneapolis): “A+. This entertaining and relevant show is a must for any school. Humor is a great educational tool for learning and our children and school community as a whole benefitted greatly.”

Immanuel Lutheran School (Lakefield): “The kids ask at the beginning of every year if you are coming back. I would be hesitant of bringing in any other group because I know the quality of McRooney Entertainment.”

Our Lady of Peace (Minneapolis): “We all loved it. Keep it up – you do make a difference.”

McRooney Actors "Should Be On Saturday Night Live"

Forest View Elementary (Forest Lake): “I have been a teacher for 30 years and this is the best show I have ever seen. I was crying it was so funny. Seriously you guys should be on Saturday Night Live.”

Meadowview Elementary (Farmington): “Whatever you pay them – they deserve more! I had to watch it twice! They perform each show like it is their first. I watched this same cast last year so I can only imagine how many times they have said those lines – but you would swear this is their only performance – well written and beautifully acted!”

Liberty Ridge Elementary (Woodbury): “I cannot say enough wonderful comments about McRooney Entertainment and its staff!!! A+ grade! I love working with the actors!! They are wonderful/friendly/energetic/flexible (you name it!)!!”

Westwood Elementary (Waite Park): “I can’t say enough! Performers top notch professionals! Great message! Kids loved every minute!! Please come again!”

Madelia Elementary (Madelia): “All 3 actors deserve a Tony Award!”