The Chef

Meet The Chef!

Appearing for the St. Paul Saints at CHS Field

The Chef is excited to meet you! He makes all of the food at CHS Field. Well, actually, his minions make the food as he is far too important to work that hard. The Chef is thrilled to use his questionable French culinary training in creating his delicious hot dogs and nachos. If you do not love his food he will let you know that you are wrong. The Chef’s phony French background makes him especially adept at creating love connections between patrons, often involving unsuspecting teenagers.

The Chef has been making people laugh at St. Paul Saints games since 2012. Since that time he’s been kissed by the St. Paul Saints pig, been hit in the face with multiple pies by patrons, engaged in an eating contest with an absent Andrew Zimmern, shot music videos, and delighted thousands of baseball fans.¬†Please come to a Saints game and say hello!

Dan Rooney, AKA The Chef, is a graduate of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus Clown College and enjoyed a national tour with The Greatest Show On Earth. Dan is a 25 year veteran of Twin Cities theatre, having acted at Chanhassen Dinner Theatre, Old Log, Dudley Riggs’ Brave New Workshop, and has been a company member of Mystery Cafe’ since 1994. He and his lovely wife Susan reside in Edina and have three children.

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Check out some of The Chef’s videos on YouTube (special thanks¬†to Andrew Crowley, Jordan Lynn, Zach Neubauer, and Kyle Livingood for their amazing work!):

Meet The Chef in this interview from “Inside The Ushertainer Studio” with Zach Neubauer

“I’d Do Anything For Lunch (But I Won’t Do That).” Video by Jordan Lynn and Zach Neubauer

“It’s Just Lunch or Maybe It’s The Best Day Of Your Life.” Video by Kyle Livingood

“Piggy Young Thing” with Madonna

“Bullpen Caraoke: Hip Hop Bangers.” Video by Jordan Lynn

“I Want A Piece Of Bacon.” Video by Jordan Lynn, with Andy Crowley, Brian Kelly, Miss Adventure, and Nerdette

‘N Sync’s “Bye Bye Bye.” Video by Jordan Lynn, with Lee Adams, Brian Kelly, Halsey, and Al Aboard

“Smells Like Baseball” Video by Jordan Lynn with Coach, Brian Kelly, Andy Crowley

“Touch of Grey” with Andy Crowley, Brian Kelly, and Coach



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